NBC gave Donald Trump 12 minutes and five seconds of non-news air-time when he was allowed to host SNL on Nov. 7 - which means that the other presidential candidates will be allowed the same amount of free air time, according to the FCC. Republicans Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) and Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) are making sure that they get their due.

Each candidate sent a letter to NBC demanding equal time to Trump, who is currently leading the Republican primary race.

Why NBC is giving Donald Trump's rivals their 15 minutes of fame

Sen. Graham specifically requested his 12 minutes on the Iowa NBC affiliate WHO-TV.

Gov. Kasich's request to NBC Universal was more vague.

Donald Trump may not have nixed SNL sketches as he claimed

NBC has yet to respond, but the network might challenge the low-polling Graham on his claim to be a "legally qualified candidate." FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has already said that he plans to uphold the rules when it comes to candidate airtime.