Kari Matchett by John Shearer/WireImage.com Kari Matchett by John Shearer/WireImage.com

One of the new faces on ER this season is that of Kari Matchett, who plays traveling doc Skye Wexler. "She's just dropping in to Chicago to do a month or two of locum work in order to make money to go surfing," says Matchett. "That's her real passion."

Being County General, another passion soon beckons, with Wexler finding a love interest on Thursday's episode. "She's a pretty noncommittal woman... but she digs this guy a lot," teases the actress. "It's not the obvious choice, but it's a good one." And given her five-episode arc, perhaps a bit more than a mere roll in the hay.

Of course, milling about in the world of medicine came natural to Matchett, who worked hospitals on two of her most recent gigs, Heartland and Invasion. "Prior to making the decision of becoming an actor, I wanted to be a doctor," she admits. "I feel like somehow I've gotten the best of both worlds." - Reporting by Bekah Wright