Kanye West, Saturday Night Live Kanye West, Saturday Night Live

Kanye West's Saturday Night Live appearance had everything — a pristine all-white set, 30 dancers, and one of West's most brilliant, emotive performances. But one thing was missing: a verse in his first song, "Power" dissing the entire show.

The original version of the song includes the line, "F--- SNL and the whole cast/ tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole a--." The line, a twist on a rhyme from Jay-Z's "99 Problems," was his response to the show's mockery of his Taylor Swift run-in at last year's MTV VMAs.

Kanye West abandons typical SNL musical performance 

But West, in keeping with his recent pursuit of diplomacy, was thoughtful enough to drop the verse for his appearance on the NBC show. And he twisted up the verse once again in a tweet Monday:

"Here's the tweet you all knew was coming... Love to SNL and the whole cast!"

We recognize that despite the new leaf, Mr. West's VMA antics alienated some people forever. Vent your fury in the comments below.