Kanye West and Taylor Swift Kanye West and Taylor Swift

We're sure MTV would love to include some kind of stunning make-up session between Kanye West and Taylor Swift at Sunday's VMAs. Maybe it could involve Justin Bieber, whose presence makes everything just a little funnier. Or Lady Gaga, who sprinkles shock everywhere she goes.

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But it would be impossible to top last year's "I'ma let you finish" moment, unless the VMAs include the one thing that would actually be surprising:

Kanye and Taylor should make out.

Because come on: Even a duet between them wouldn't really blow anyone's mind at this point. We've been anticipating that kind of thing since MTV announced Kanye's VMAs return. No matter what kind of I-can't-believe-this-is-happening moment MTV might aim for, rest assured: You'll believe it's happening.

Unless they make out.

It's the only funny/interesting/surprising thing they could do.

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A Kanye-Swift smooch-a-thon would continue the VMAs' long tradition of stagey kisses: Michael Jackson kissing Lisa Marie Presley. Madonna kissing Britney Spears. Madonna kissing Christina Aguilera. The kiss thing got so played out, in fact, that no one cared about talk of Katy Perry kissing Lindsay Lohan in 2008.

Whatever very reasonable reservations Swift may have about West, she should put them aside for the sake of an amazing VMA moment. Please, Taylor: It would give us something to talk with our moms about at Thanksgiving.

Or Kanye should kiss Bieber. That might get people talking, too.