The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco was a guest on Wednesday's Tonight Show to promote the show's upcoming Season 10 finale, the 231st episode of the series.

At the end of her interview, she and Jimmy Fallon took questions from the audience, and someone asked her if she knows all the words to the Barenaked Ladies' theme song. This is harder than it may seem; creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady asked the Barenaked Ladies' frontman Ed Robertson to write a "sort of history of everything ... in about 32 seconds," so naturally it has to pack in a lot of words and it flies by quick. But after 231 episodes, of course Cuoco was quite familiar with the song, and she absolutely nailed the performance with an assist from the Roots.

That was pretty good, Kaley. Now let's see you do the Barenaked Ladies' "One Week." Chickity-China, the Chinese chicken.

Kaley Cuoco and Jimmy Fallon, <em>The Tonight Show</em>Kaley Cuoco and Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show