Justin Timberlake came to Seth Meyers with a pitch on Monday'sLate Night: to write a theme song for his show.

But when Timberlake began performing the song he had supposedly written for Meyers, the host noticed more than a few things were off in the lyrics. "When it comes to talent, he's got ten gallons/It's Late Night with Seth Meyers," Timberlake sang.

"I think you wrote it for Jimmy Fallon," Meyers noted, before listing off all the lyrical evidence. "And if I'm being honest, it seems like the 'gallons' was setting up a rhyme for Fallon."

Timberlake admitted Fallon had turned down his theme song pitch, but wasn't giving up on selling Meyers yet. Check out all of Timberlake's hilarious theme song ideas below: