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Charismatic supercreep Adam Newman will return to CBS's The Young and the Restless Wednesday, Nov. 5, and he'll be looking just like Justin Hartley! TV Guide Magazine had a chat with the former Revenge star about the return of the presumed-dead Adam, who will now be sporting a new puss thanks to plastic surgery. Word is, he wants his old life back. And what Adam wants...

TV Guide Magazine: It seems like ages since you won the role and now you're finally hitting the air. Surely, you're not going to gripe about not having enough prep time!
Hartley: No! I've had two months to properly prepare for the role with a lot of time in the gym and a lot of spray tanning. [Laughs] You know, the important stuff.

TV Guide Magazine: Now the bad news: You're replacing Michael Muhney, a hugely popular actor who was fired last year and his fans won't stop crabbing about it. How do you plan to handle that?
Hartley: There are people who are happy I'm joining Y&R and those who clearly don't want a recast. They want the Adam they know and love and are never going to like it if the part isn't played by Michael Muhney. I get that. I think that's fair. It's like trying to get your brain around Derek Jeter leaving the Yankees. I was an emotional mess over that, so I understand the feeling of loss. I was a massive Michael Jordan fan but when he retired and came back as a Wizard I was, like, "I want him playing for the Bulls!" We fans don't like change. I just hope Michael's fans will give me a chance. I'm going to do my best. We'll see what happens. By the way, I don't technically feel I'm replacing Michael Muhney. I am replacing the computer hand than replaced Muhney. [Laughs] I feel confident I can at least do a better job than the hand did!

TV Guide Magazine: What brings Adam out of hiding?
Hartley: [His wife] Chelsea finds the surveillance cam he put in their son's nursery and she disables it. Now he can no longer be a creeper. He can't spy on his family anymore so, even though he's not fully recovered from his accident, he must get back to town quickly, especially after he hears Chelsea talking about Billy moving in. The control freak in him can't stand it. So, basically, Adam had a five-step plan to get back his life that would have played out over the course of a couple of years, but now he's jumping right to Step 5.

TV Guide Magazine: We'll see that Adam is still in weak physical shape, so clearly he didn't personally put the surveillance camera in the penthouse. So who did? Does Adam have minions?
Hartley: He seems to have a little army, which means he's still got his hands on some cash. I'm assuming these people don't work for free.

TV Guide Magazine: Adam killed a child in a hit-and-run and kept it secret, which is about as low as a soap baddie can go. How will you get us back on his side?
Hartley: [Laughs] I'm leaving that problem to the writers! There's definitely damage control to be done. Adam has massive issues but such a huge heart that you can actually find yourself rooting for him — then you get mad at yourself because he's such a d--k. But this is a culture of forgiveness. We want people to learn from their mistakes, don't we? That's what I preach to my daughter all the time.

TV Guide Magazine: When last we spoke, you weren't remotely worried about abandoning your very healthy primetime career for a role on daytime. Still feeling that way?
Hartley: I'm totally cool with it. Look, we actors always worry that we'll never work again. Work is work and you take it when it comes along. You don't want to have to go back home and live with your mom.

TV Guide Magazine: Where does this leave your role on Mistresses?
Hartley: At the end of last season my character, Scott, got stood up at the altar when his bride-to-be started making out with her sister's ex-husband, which I think was shady as hell. Scott's not dead and he's very likable so he could come back next season. It's not up to me but there's definitely more story to be told. The guy does deserve an explanation!

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