Justin Guarini Justin Guarini

American Idol first-season runner-up Justin Guarini is used to pressure.

He's performed on one of America's biggest stages on American Idol and deals with the demands of live TV on a regular basis as co-host of Idol Tonight and Idol Wrap for the TV Guide Network. This weekend, Guarini will face a very different kind of pressure when he walks down the aisle Saturday to marry girlfriend Reina Capodici.

Guarini, 30, talked to TVGuide.com about his upcoming nuptials, brushing off the thought of pre-wedding jitters. "The only thing I'm a little nervous about is just getting all the details taken care of... but we're set and ready to go," he said.

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Although Guarini won't be performing at the intimate, 50-guest wedding, he and Capodici paid close attention to the music selection. The Pennsylvania ceremony will feature a string quartet performing everything from Paramore to Radiohead. "We didn't want to have typical wedding music," he said. "We wanted to have songs that meant a lot to us but performed very uniquely."

After becoming a household name performing on Idol, Guarini has traveled around the world. But it was in his home town in Pennsylvania that he found his wife-to-be. "We've known each other since we were 15. I was a student of her mother's in junior high and it's a small community, so I ended up getting to know her family," Guarini said. "It wasn't until Christmas two years or so ago that we connected and fell head over heels for one another."

Guarini proposed to Capodici, 27, when he was filming promotional spots for the new American Idol Experience ride at Disney World's Epcot Center. "The Epcot does a big, huge fireworks display so after that, I just turned to her and asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me."

Once Guarini and Capodici become husband and wife, he will also become stepfather to Lola, Capodici's 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. "She is so sweet, kind, understanding and an intelligent little girl so it was no sweat for me making the adjustment. I've had so much fun being a parental figure for her."

With all this change in his life, Guarini has plenty of material for his next album, which he hopes to begin work in the coming months. "There's a lot of stuff I have to work on ... but my focus over the winter is going to be getting into the studio and working on that album."

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Guarini will split his time in the studio with his time on-camera for the TV Guide Network. He serves as a member of the channel's awards show team and will return to co-host Idol Tonight and Idol Wrap shows.

The next season of the talent competition will be noticeably different with Ellen DeGeneres taking Paula Abdul's seat at the judges table, but Guarini is as excited as ever. "There's certainly only one Paula," he said. "But I do think that the producers have made a great choice with Ellen...We all sit on the couch and judge the contestants and it will be nice to see someone really and truly representing the audience."

Idol Tonight and Idol Wrap will return to the TV Guide Network in early 2010.