Justin Bieber Justin Bieber

Get ready to swoon even more, ladies: Justin Bieber is a high school graduate.

The 18-year-old pop star finished his high school education while touring and promoting his new album Believe, which drops in June. "I passed my test — I'm free," he told Australia's Daily Telegraph. "It was hard doing school and work every day."

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Bieber's career exploded when he was just 14, but finishing school was still really important... to his mother. "That was something my mom really wanted me to do, so I had to do it for her," he said.

Still, Bieber is glad he didn't have to finish up in an actual classroom. "This kind of lifestyle has given me a different perspective on life. I've been able to travel the world. At school, usually you have to do a lot of writing and reading. I'm really not into that stuff. I like to be out there."

Reps for the singer did not immediately respond to TVGuide.com's request for comment.