Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Sure, getting a brand-new house to replace an aging double-wide trailer was "a dream." But for Jeanne Brown, seeing her 12-year-old daughter Katrina "smile like she used to," when she met Justin Bieber, was the best part of her Extreme Makeover: Home Edition experience.

This special two-hour episode features the Brown family of Wellman, Texas. On November 10, 2009, Jeanne and Johnny Mac Brown lost their elder daughter, 17-year-old aspiring TV journalist Alex, when she crashed her truck while texting with friends. Just two weeks later the family put the wreck on a trailer and started taking the message to schools around the state: Don't text while driving. They're still out there, telling both kids and adults "to make responsible choices behind the wheel," says Jeanne, who recently retired from teaching to work on the campaign full-time.

Katrina got face time with Bieber in Atlantic City. "I told him I showed pigs at stock shows, and I don't think he really understood it," she says with a laugh. She was most impressed with "the really nice, down-to-earth" teen pop phenom, she says, "when he decided to donate a dollar to our foundation from every ticket sold for his concert that night. It was around $15,000!"

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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