Walton Goggins Walton Goggins

It ain't easy being Justified's Boyd Crowder. But creating the character? That's a heckuva good time, both for actor Walton Goggins and exec producer Graham Yost. "He's changed a lot over the seasons," Goggins tells TV Guide Magazine. "That's been so rewarding for me as an actor. And he's got a lot more changes to go."

Goggins and Yost discuss Boyd's arc, as well as what makes the clogging, molasses-mouthed criminal a fan favorite — going back to the pilot when Yost and the writers resurrected the originally fatally shot Boyd after seeing a test audience's reaction to the character — in the Season 4 Blu-ray featurette, "Becoming Boyd." Check out this exclusive clip, which features star Timothy Olyphant, whose hiatus beard and hair are something to behold, chiming in to sing Goggins' praises:

DVD and Blu-ray sets of Justified Season 4 hit shelves Tuesday, Dec. 17, just in time to catch up before the Season 5 premiere Tuesday, Jan. 7 on FX (10/9c).

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