Justified Justified

Cheers to Justified for tracking down the perfect theme song. FX's modern-day shoot-'em-up opens with the country-rap hybrid "Long Hard Times to Come," by the aptly named Gangstagrass. That's Brooklyn mashup artist Rench along with hip-hopper T.O.N.E.-z and a high-caliber bluegrass band. (Fun fact: The show's instrumental score is composed by Steve Porcaro of the '80s pop-rock band Toto.) The title song's blend of twang and grit neatly fits the story of itchy-trigger-fingered U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) dealing with his lowlife homeboys in Kentucky. To put it in terms Raylan would surely appreciate, it hits the bull's-eye.

Are you blown away by Gangstagrass?

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