Question: Just saw your website for the first time. Gosh, you are an egomaniac! I always wondered.

Answer: What's that you ask, Marissa? What are my picks for the 10 worst shows of 2005? I thought you'd never ask!

1. 2005 MTV Video Music Awards: A three-hour pile of overproduced horse poop. Note to viewers: Next time the VMA host feels the need to repeatedly tell you that "anything can happen," trust me: Nothing will.
2. The War at Home: Turns out War is hell and horribly written.
3. The West Wing (debate episode): Just like a real presidential debate, only duller.
4. Saturday Night Live: The women still rock, but the rest of the show feels about as desperate as one of Horatio Sanz's midskit giggle fits.
5. Queer as Folk series finale: Earnest, pretentious and painfully self-aware. At least it ended on a consistent note.
6. Inconceivable: Angie Harmon said she immediately fell in love with the script, leading me to question both her eyesight and literacy.
7. Taradise: Makes the apocalypse look downright inviting.
8. Desperate Housewives: I hate to say I told ya so, but, well, I did.
9. Head Cases: Small doses of Adam Goldberg? Good. Large doses? Not so much.
10. Nip/Tuck season finale: Sharks! They're everywhere! And they're jumping! Help!