Jake Pavelka and Tenley Molzahn Jake Pavelka and Tenley Molzahn

Did Tenley dodge a bullet by not ending up with Jake?

On last season of The Bachelor, college admissions rep Tenley Molzahn was sent home broken-hearted by Jake Pavelka. Since then, his relationship with first pick Vienna Girardi has devolved into a tabloid train-wreck culminating with a televised break-up interview on July 5 that highlighted Jake's less-than-warm-and-fuzzy side. (Sample tidbit: He admitted to throwing a GPS out of a car window when Vienna "undermined" him about directions.)

So is the fan-favorite Tenley — who'll be appearing on ABC's new series Bachelor Pad, premiering August 9 — still carrying a torch for the un-grounded pilot? "I mean this in the kindest way, but him letting me go was probably a great decision for both of us," she says. "Hearing that interview, I just knew that he's not the man for me. I'm definitely looking for someone who's gentle, patient and well-balanced emotionally." In other words: She prefers to fly the friendly skies.

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