Diana, Princess of Wales by Anwar Hussein/ WireImage.com Diana, Princess of Wales by Anwar Hussein/ WireImage.com

The inquest into the August 31, 1997, death of Diana, Princess of Wales, on Monday delivered a verdict of "unlawful killing" by way of the negligent driving of her car and the paparazzi vehicles that were in chase. Having deliberated since April 2, ultimately nine of the 11 jurors tendered the decision. (The coroner lord justice had said that a unanimous decision was not needed in this case.)

According to CNN, the jury first was charged with deciding whether the French police were correct in deeming Diana's driver, Henri Paul, drunk at the time in question. The panel then was asked to ascertain whether the paparazzi in pursuit of Di's car bore a heavy responsibility for the crash and resulting deaths. In giving the jury their orders, the lord justice said there was "no evidence" that the British Secret Service nor any government agency played any role in the crash (as has at times been conspira-theorized).

The proceedings began Oct. 2, 2007, delivered 240 witnesses and cost British taxpayers some $6 million. - MWM