The jury house got nasty! In fact Rachel, who was pretty boring throughout her stint in the BB house, finally got a little bit of bite in her with this comment about Jen's cuddling up to Howie: "Jennifer needs to keep her skanky little grubby hands off of Howie. If she doesn't, I'm going to throw a hurt upon her." She also got a dig in when she was vocalizing her support for Janelle: "I'd rather throw myself in a pack of wolves than vote for one of the Girl Scout troop to win this thing." With all that, and the testy moments between James and Jen, I was thinking it would have been more interesting to stay in that house and watch the happenings. But that was before Ivette and April went after each other. The Friendship finally broke down and turned on each other... it was only a matter of time. But for April to tell Janelle that she'd rather vote for her than Ivette? WOW. I had no idea it was going to get this bad. But their heated argument was the fight of season. When Ivette "translated" April's rant for Maggie's who was sitting right there the whole time benefit, I literally laughed out loud. Who knew that April had been annoyed at Ivette for so long? All I can say is that the finale will be interesting, and I'd be doing my darndest to win that HOH competition, whether for my family or for the cash.