Arrested Development courtesy 20th Century Fox Arrested Development courtesy 20th Century Fox
As part of's Strike Survival Guide, we've asked our staff of... staffers to tell you how they are biding their time in these TV-anemic times. Hi, my name is Erin, and I'm a TV addict. (This is where you say, "Hi Erin," as you nervously look around at the other TV addicts.) The WGA strike isn't freaking me out at all, because now I have time to watch all of the shows on DVD that I've been missing for one reason or another. I'm not into reality programming at all, except for

American Idol,

Ace of Cakes and So You Think You Can Dance. But these days, only Idol is around to console me during this long and sad strike. So, it's back to my DVD sets, to enjoy The Sopranos all the way through, Arrested Development for laughs, Moonlight (so the vampire fans don't stalk me), South Park (to get through gym workouts with a smile on my face and less fat on my ass. Don't you dare call me Cartman), and Twin Peaks, to expand my TV history knowledge. (Plus, David Duchovny in drag? Gotta love that.) Here's my list of TV that's getting me through the strike, and the ways in which I enjoy them: 1) Arrested Development: Season 3, on DVD The end of the most brilliant and weirdest TV comedy ever - and then there's Michael Cera. 'Nuff said! 2) Moonlight, using our Online Video Guide Our TV Guide fan forums are crazy for this hottie vampire P.I. and his unrequited love, so I had to check it out. Not bad, so far... except for the fake blood they drink. Ew. 3) South Park: Season 1, on Video iPod I wanted to go old-school South Park for my video iPod. I love rewatching the classics while working out at the gym. They're the perfect length to get through your cardio while laughing your ass off. 4) Twin Peaks: The Complete Series, on DVD I vaguely remember the coolness that was Twin Peaks when I was a kid. Now, I have the Definitive Gold Box Edition with all the cool bells and whistles to enjoy over the weekend. So don't call me. I'll be busy. On the couch. Making my Homer Simpson-sized butt impressions. 5) The Sopranos: The Complete Series, via Netflix So I'm a loser and never watched this while it was on TV. But I'm a winner because now I don't have to wait months or years to see what happens next! So take that! Next on my list is The Wire, Seasons 1-4. Who is Erin Fox? I'm the "wind beneath your TV wings." Actually I'm the editor and blog mistress of's sister sites and, and I also spend time contributing to this Strike Survival Guide and other fun features at In my free time, I just sit and listen to Ausiello type his "scoop" in his palatial office next to my cubicle. He's my scoop hero. Plus, he lets me dress up as a manic Girl Scout/ One Tree Hill fan for the occasional vodcast. More Strike Survival guidance: " Movies-on-TV: Ken Fox's Picks for the Week of Jan. 21 " TV's Must-See New Episodes of the Week " What Emily in Marketing Is Watching