It's that time of year again where we all come together as a country to honor our freedom by sucking down burgers, hot dogs and various forms of beverages. However, it's also a time where many of us are just trying to beat the summer heat. So, if you find yourself indoors this Fourth of July, try curling up with one of these shows to help you celebrate the American spirit.

The Show: TURN: Washington's Spies
Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

Starring Jamie Bell, Turn is one of the few shows on television about the actual American Revolution. In addition to its compelling story, this one's definitely worth a look if for no other reason than the historically accurate costumes. The cast knows how to rock that 1700s look really well.

The Show: House of Cards
Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

If you're one of the few people who hasn't checked out Netflix's breakout hit yet, we have two words for you: Kevin Spacey. We won't spoil it, but let's just say Spacey's ruthless politician Frank Underwood is not ashamed to do whatever it takes to achieve what he wants... and isn't that just the American way?

The Show: John Adams
Where You Can Stream It: Amazon

Before Alexander Hamilton was stealing all the founding father spotlight on Broadway, there was John Adams, an HBO miniseries starring the always reliable Paul Giamatti. The show went on to win 13 Primetime Emmy awards, including one for Oustanding Miniseries, so what better time than the Fourth of July to give it a shot?

The Show: Homeland
Where You Can Stream It: Amazon or Hulu (with Showtime add-on)

While it doesn't always take place in the States, you can't get much more American than Homeland, a show that's all about protecting U.S. citizens from the threats we face on a daily basis. It sure is nice to know that while we're with friends grilling hot dogs, Carrie Mathison's (Claire Danes) out there protecting our freedom from those who wish to destroy it.

Add Homeland to your Watchlist now!

The Show: The West Wing
Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

Renowned worldwide as one of the best political dramas ever made, The West Wing brings viewers inside the Oval Office to help them understand how the American political system works. Now, 10 years after the airing of its series finale, is the perfect time to give this one a re-watch.

The Show: The Last Ship
Where You Can Stream It: Hulu

Especially in its first season, The Last Ship is about as American as you can get. The show, executive-produced by Michael Bay, serves as a real love letter to the U.S. Military, reminiscent of the '80s classic movie Top Gun. The holiday weekend is the perfect time to catch up on The Last Ship, whose third season is currently airing on TNT.

The Show: Madam Secretary
Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

Another one of television's looks inside the U.S. government, CBS' drama Madam Secretary goes deep into the tricky situations that take place abroad that could cost us stateside. This July 4, why not take a moment to appreciate the many moving parts at play in the game of global politics?

The Show: Political Animals
Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

Sharing many similarities with the real-life political career of Hillary Clinton, Political Animals was a short-lived USA drama that predated the Mr. Robot era. The series tracked former First Lady-turned-Secretary of State Elaine Barrish (Sigourney Weaver) as she put together a plan to run for President of The United States. Sound familiar?

The Show: 24
Where You Can Stream It: Amazon

What's there to say about 24 that hasn't already been said? As with Homeland's Carrie Mathison, we all feel a little safer celebrating our freedom thanks to the tireless efforts of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). Not to mention, there are few shows that bring the fireworks home like this one.

The Show: Scandal
Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

Finally, we have the show that proves even fictional tales about something as dry as government itself can be turned into a maddening story of sex and lies if Shonda Rhimas has anything to say about it. Why is Scandal one of the most American shows on television? Because it taps into that primal part of our collective consciousness that will fight tooth and nail to get the things we want. Oh, and because Kerry Washington is a national treasure.

What will you be watching this Fourth of July weekend?