Julie Benz Julie Benz

Julie Benz, whose character Rita was killed off Dexter in last season's grizzly finale, returns to the set this month to reprise the role in a way she had hoped would be kept secret until airtime. From the sound of it, she may be back for more than just one quickie cameo in a casket. "Rita's presence is definitely going to be felt throughout the season," Julie tells me. "You can't deny that she had an effect on Dexter's life, which is really what this season's about."   

One popular theory — which Julie wouldn't confirm, is that Rita will be seen in flashbacks to happier times — a refreshing departure from the final ghastly image viewers were left with of Rita soaking in a tub of her own blood. "You're going to learn more about their relationship," hints Julie. "I loved Rita and Dexter's storyline, even though I know others didn't always like it. I do believe her ending was too abrupt, so returning (is about) my love for the character, the show and the fans, to give some sort of closure to help the story move forward."  

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