Saturday Night Live alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus came back to own her old stomping grounds last night, the Seinfeld and Veep star's third time as host. "If we're being really honest, that number feels a little low," she said in her wicked opening monologue and indeed, with the (mostly) great sketches, the night ended with us wondering just why she isn't hosting more often.

Her monologue included a little art-imitating-life bit, in which she apologized for the current state of politics. "When we started doing our show, the idea of candidate being a cursing, narcissistic buffoon was supposed to be a joke," she said. Her Veep co-star Tony Hale emerged, playing the bumbling, sheepish right-hand man he does on the HBO comedy. Larry Davidpopped up too, reprising his Bernie Sanders impersonation, ahead of the Democratic party primary elections in New York on Tuesday.

Louis-Dreyfus went on to appear in an impressive nine sketches, including Cinema Classics, in which she played a black-and-white film star with terrible vision, requiring all her lines to be written about the set.

Another hit was "The Pool Boy," in which Pete Davidson plays her dimwitted paramour, whose response to her emotional hand-wringing over their affair is just hilariously simplistic acceptance.

How do you think Julia Louis-Dreyfus did?