According to a report from TMZ, a judge has shot down a recent lawsuit claiming Lee Daniels stole the idea for Empire from a script that made the rounds of Hollywood, titled "King Solomon," centered on a Harvard educated black man who opens a record label.

The biggest reason for the dismissal came down to the fact accuser Jon Astor-White couldn't prove anyone who'd seen the script as it was being shopped around actually went on to have any connection with Empire.

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In addition, none of Astor-White's show similarities lined up for the judge, including a claim that his lead character's daughter was similar to Jamal Lyon because ""both [are] associated with the feminine gender."

Said the judge in response to the claim, "The court rejects this outdated and offensive stereotype." Perhaps even more offensive, the show didn't have a Cookie character. And what's Empire without Cookie? Perish the thought.

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