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A judge has ruled that Jon Gosselin must cease making media appearances that clash with his TLC contract.

The ruling, from Montgomery County Circuit Judge Michael D. Mason in Rockville, Md., comes after a hearing Thursday in the legal battle between the Jon & Kate Plus Eight star and TLC, according to The Associated Press.

TLC sues Jon Gosselin

Edward Sabin, TLC's chief operating officer, testified that Gosselin, 32, made unauthorized appearances and endorsements — such as a Las Vegas pool party the reality star hosted at the MGM Grand Hotel. Sabin said photos from the pool party contradicted Jon & Kate Plus Eight's family-friendly image, the AP reported.

Gosselin did not appear in court Thursday and his legal team presented no evidence. The judge granted a preliminary injunction and a trial is scheduled for April 19.

Gosselin's attorney, Mark Heller, did not return calls for comment.

Jon Gosselin files $5 million countersuit against TLC

TLC sued Gosselin in October for breach of contract. The cable channel accused Gosselin of violating his contract by making paid TV appearances and sharing unauthorized public disclosures about the show that made the Gosselins household names. TLC is seeking unspecified compensatory damages from Gosselin on top of demanding he return all money earned from other TV appearances.

A month following TLC's lawsuit, Gosselin filed a $5 million countersuit against the network. Gosselin claimed TLC representatives interfered with potential business opportunities and also alleged TLC still owed his family $175,000 for episodes of Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

Once one of TLC's top series, Jon & Kate Plus Eight concluded Nov. 23 to little fanfare.