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Judge Joe Brown completed his five-day jail sentence Tuesday morning and likened the experience to "being in slave quarters...Jail's jail. It's boring, it's dirty," he toldPeople. "But I survived. I'm breathing free air."

Despite his "preposterous" ordeal, it has inspired him to come out of retirement and work on a new daytime show, True Verdict with Judge Joe Brown. "The people need a voice," he said. "The people that have got the education, they are some that do. But too many that don't.

"You need to help folks," he added. "I'm giving back and I'm encouraging others to do so too. Do the right thing. Do what you ought to do. We can all help each other."

Judge Joe Brown is going to jail

Brown, who presided over Judge Joe Brown for 15 years, was first sentenced to the jail stint due to an incident in March 2014 when he was observing juvenile court proceedings and got in a verbal altercation with the presiding judge, who then had Brown arrested and held in contempt of court. "A citizen was being gravely mistreated," Brown said. "I couldn't allow that to happen. I had an opportunity to stand up for her and I took it."

VIDEO: Judge Joe Brown starts five-day jail sentence for contempt of court charge

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