Smallville DVD Set Smallville DVD Set

Yes, yes, the holidays are here. But instead of making some lame joke about fruitcake or ugly ties, we're just gonna get right down to it. Because the art of finding that perfect something for the loved ones (or legal obligations, if that be the case) is serious business. So for the next few Fridays, we'll be offering you ideas of the TV-on-DVD variety so that everyone ends up happy when the time comes to give out the gifts.

For Your Nerd:

Hands down, the Holy Grail of geekery this season is the Smallville: The Complete Series. All 218 episodes of the 10-season Superman-in-the-making drama, a Comic-Con featurette, a DC Comics-penned edition of the Daily Planet, and the never-before-seen, unaired pilot for Superboy from 1961. It's a stellar packaging of the longest-running Superman-based series ever, so expect the recipient to erupt into the kind of screams only a Kryptonian with super-hearing can survive. Buy now from

For Your Pop or Crusty Uncle:

Like an old-school NYPD Blue, but with laughs instead of ass shots, Barney Miller was an arresting, Emmy-winning ABC cop show. Instead of having to listen to dad explain why it broke ground for its off-beat approach to standard sitcom styles, just hand him the handsome Barney Miller: The Complete Series set — packing all eight seasons, as well as the first season of the Fish spin-off — and let him relive the laughs on his own terms. Buy now from

For One of Those Kids:

You know the one. They might be a cousin. Maybe a nephew. Neighbor's kid. Something. But they're always around at the holidays and now you're expected to give them something. Save yourself the terror of waiting in line for a GameStop gift card and slip the rugrat a copy of Transformers Prime — Darkness Rising. It's all five parts of the Hub's miniseries, edited into one tricked-out flick featuring a ton of CGI and none of the nonsense from the big-screen Transformers. Buy now from

Next, the impossible girlfriend and a lil' something for yourself.

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