In Joy Ride, a harmless practical joke sends a lonely trucker on a psychotic rampage. Of course, leading stud Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) knows pranksters always run the risk of retaliation, but he still loves messing with people.

"My buddies just got their sweetest revenge," shares the 28-year-old actor, who tasted his own medicine on the golf course when a pal asked for one of his Calloway balls. "I reach in my bag, and something doesn't feel right... I say, 'What is it, man?' — and it's a toad. I jumped a mile!"

While traveling to pick up his dream girl (Leelee Sobieski) in Ride, Walker stops to bail his mischievous older brother (Steve Zahn) out of jail. Via the CB radio in their '79 Chrysler Newport, Walker tantalizes truckers with a female voice who answers to the handle "Candy Cane." "I really had a blast doing the woman's voice," he chuckles. "I can actually do a better woman's voice, but [director John Dahl] said, 'No, you've got to sound like a man trying to sound like a woman. That's the idea.'"

Screenwriters J.J. Abrams (Felicity) and Clay Tarvar balance the flick's scarier moments with splashes of raucous humor, like a streaker scene with Walker and Zahn appearing totally nude. "They pulled in entire families to work as extras," Walker reveals. "There's mom and dad and little Gina who's eight, and Sam who's six — and I'm running by [them] naked, thinking, 'I don't know if this is right.'"

Worse yet, though the racy segment was supposed to be shot in three days, Walker found himself "hanging out" a bit longer than scheduled. "The camera wasn't working," he groans, "so we had to go back and reshoot the entire sequence. It ended up being closer to two weeks of nudeness."