You may recall Josh Peck as one of Chevy Chase's precocious co-stars from last year's kid flick, Snow Day. He's got an inspirational message for junior high schoolers everywhere: "I think it's sort of a rite of passage for kids to get bullied, and it builds character."

Though the 14-year-old admits other kids call him "Snow Boy" ever since the movie, he blows it off, cheerily noting that "everybody has something fun to offer and everyone's nice. If you get to know people, they can make you really happy."

When his next film — Disney's Max Keeble's Big Move — premieres Oct. 5, he may have to endure a new nickname: "Robe Boy." Explains Peck: "I play Max's (Alex D. Linz from Home Alone 3) best friend. His name is Robe and they call him that because he wears his bathrobe everywhere he goes. It's kind of a security blanket." Robe helps plucky Max tell off a junior high school bully after Max learns that his family is moving away... or so he thinks.

Peck graduates to more adult fare in director Jonas Akerlund's Spun, coming out next year. The indie flick — described as an American Trainspotting — co-stars Jason Schwartzman, Mena Suvari and John Leguizamo, and features Peck as Fat Boy, a methamphetamine addict. "It's just a huge learning experience," he marvels. "It's kind of like going on set and being the student, because everyone there can teach you so much and you're working with John Leguizamo, the comedy king."