Josh Holloway Josh Holloway

Cheers to Josh Holloway for shooting — and scoring big laughs on Community.

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Sawyer was always Lost's funniest character, rivaled only by Hurley, and Holloway brought his dry wit and penchant for nicknames to NBC's genius collegiate comedy as the Man with No Name (other than Black Rider) in a Spaghetti Western-themed sequel to last year's paintball shoot-'em-up. "He's really good-looking — like, network-TV good-looking," observed Danny Pudi's Abed in one of the script's many sly asides. A jealous Jeff (Joel McHale) later dissed him as "just an average-looking guy with a big chin."

Sadly, Black Rider was gunned down by that varmint Pierce (Chevy Chase), who faked a heart attack, and presumably won't return for next week's season finale. But before he rode out of town (to a Coldplay concert!), he dubbed Alison Brie's fair Annie, who was flushed and flustered by his handsomeness, "Bean Allergy" and alluded to a conspiracy behind the campus-wide gunfight. Hmmm, was that Dharma Initiative ice cream?

Did Josh Holloway blow you away on Community?

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