Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dr. Lahiri is getting an alternate-reality love interest!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Mindy Kaling's husband in the season premiere of The Mindy Project, BuzzFeed reported Friday.

The episode will be an homage to the 1998 comedy Sliding Doors, where a woman's life takes two very different paths based on a seemingly minor decision. In the premiere, we get a look at Mindy's life if she'd never met Danny and had instead married Gordon-Levitt's character, a reality show producer for Bravo, which is basically all Mindy watches anyway.

Hulu saves The Mindy Project with a massive fourth season

The premiere will be the first of 26 new episodes to air on Hulu. The streaming network saved The Mindy Project after Fox canceled it after three seasons.

As BuzzFeed reported, Kaling previously guest-starred on the Season 2 premiere of Gordon-Levitt's show Hit Record on the Pivot network.

Do you think Mindy would be better off with a Bravo producer than Danny?

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