Jordana Spiro, <EM>My Boys</EM> Jordana Spiro, My Boys

It's been a very long hiatus for My Boys fans since the TBS comedy's December 2006 Season 1 finale. But with new episodes beginning tonight at 10 pm/ET, there are plenty of loose ends to tie up and new situations to deal with. caught up with the show's leading lady, Jordana Spiro, to get the goods on upcoming romances, big guest stars and surprising changes around the poker table. I'm so excited for the show to return. It's been too long of a wait.
Jordana Spiro: Thank you! Likewise! What have you been up to since filming ended last year?
Spiro: I did a movie with Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu and Tony Hale called Rockett. We shot that in Jacksonville, Florida, and it was really fun. Then I traveled a little bit. So yeah... tough life. What's that film about?
Spiro: Jimmy Fallon is in New York with Lucy Liu and she works for the U.N., and their lifestyle is very sophisticated. But he's from this small town and his father, played by Tom Arnold, has a stroke and their relationship is very strained, so he has to go back and revisit his past. I play the girl he used to have a huge crush on and I'm still in that whole small-town world, so he has to make all these big life choices when he goes back. It's a good little movie. Sounds great.  The reason I love My Boys so much is because it portrays situations that have happened among my own friends. Do you feel the same way?
Spiro: Oh, yeah. Every time we get a new script, we joke about how one of us is going through something that's going on in that script at that exact moment. Michael Bunin (who plays Kenny) was telling me that at least part of the script is coming from somewhere real.
[Laughs] I think the writers listen very carefully to see what we're talking about. We'll read a script and see something that we said and thought was private and we're like, "Hey! That's no fair!" You're like, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut from now on!
Spiro: Exactly. So is the P.J.-Brendan (Reid Scott) cliff-hanger going to be resolved straight away?
Spiro: Umm... there's definitely a resolution, but I'm not going to say what it is. Fine, fine. Are we going to see Hank (Eddie McClintock) again?
Spiro: We don't see Hank again. That relationship didn't fit her. I think she would have had to pretend too much that she was something that she's not in order to make it work. No, P.J. definitely experiments a lot in the dating world. Is Bobby (Kyle Howard) included in all that dating?
Spiro: They're just friends this season. She's got a lot on her hands. We really focus on two different things: P.J. tries out a lot of different possibilities in the dating world, and then the show opens up to learn new stuff about the guys. The guys actually have a life outside of the poker table in these nine episodes. I think one of my favorite parts of the show is your sibling relationship with Jim Gaffigan.
Spiro: Then you'll be happy, because we explore the whole brother-sister relationship quite a bit, especially because he moves out to the suburbs and has a real difficult time out there. What's it like working with Jim?
Spiro: It's so ridiculous how great all those guys are, but yeah, Jim's just a really nice guy, a genuine person and — as you can imagine — very, very funny. He sits around and does a lot of impersonations of all of us. Everybody thinks he does a good impersonation of me; I just think it sounds like Barry White. That's hilarious! I was also talking to Michael about guest stars, but at that point, he didn't know if anyone had been a definite for this season. Can you tell us about any?
Spiro: Johnny Galecki, who plays everybody's favorite character, Trouty, comes back. We have an episode where we go to the 50 Sexiest Bachelors in Chicago party and we see him there. Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under) also comes on as a love interest — lucky me! — and Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends). Good guests! Should we expect any other surprises?
Spiro: Mike and Kenny start working together at Kenny's sports-memorabilia shop, and Kenny gets a girlfriend who's nine-months pregnant. Whoa, that's a little more than coffee dates.
Spiro: [Laughs] Exactly, he's moved up a notch. What else? Oh, we find out Stephanie is in massive debt and needs to go to a debt counselor. And that's a great thing, because half of my friends are in debt, so it's a pretty relatable concept. Bobby has a fun turn, but I'm not allowed to talk about that, so I'll leave that as a surprise. And I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but I'll say it anyway: Brendan's character becomes a huge d--chebag. Nooo!
Spiro: [Laughs] Just for a little while. Well, I'm excited.
Spiro: I am, too. In the beginning of these nine episodes, the writers would tell us broad brushstrokes of what was going to happen, but they kept the scripts as surprises so we would only get them the weekend before we shot them. You can get more of a real reaction that way.
Spiro: Exactly. If we already know the punch lines that are coming, you don't get a fresh read, so that was fun. Every week we got a new surprise.

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