Jon Stewart couldn't stay retired that long! The former Daily Show host got back in the ring, literally, for WWE's 2015 SummerSlam.

Broadcast live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center, Stewart was in on the action both backstage with his son Nate and Arrows tar Stephen Amell as well as in the ring with John Cena. (Stewart smashed the former champ with a chair!)

Watch his intro:

The comedian is a longtime fan of the WWE and earlier this year staged a "feud" with heavyweight champ Seth Rollins, getting into the ring with him during Monday Night Raw.

Amell also really got into the action, proving that he's pretty much as strong and superhero-like as his TV alter ego. Check out his ring debut with Neville in a tag team match against Stardust and King Barrett:

Amell later showed off his battle scars:

Did you watch SummerSlam?