Late Show executive producer Jon Stewart likes to drop in to his friend (and former Daily Show colleague) Stephen Colbert's latest gig when he has something he needs to get off his chest. On Tuesday, Stewart felt compelled to talk about President Trump's first 11 days. (Eleven f---ing days!)

He came out dressed as Trump — extra-long tie, dead animal on his head — and teased some of the next executive orders the president is going to sign: China is going to send America the Great Wall, Mexico is going to pay for it COD, and the official language of the United States shall henceforth be "bulls---."

Then Stewart-as-Trump-but-really-as-Stewart gave his take on how to resist Trump: through "relentless stamina and vigilance and every institutional check and balance this country can muster to keep me from going full Palpatine."

It's a bit that calls to mind The Daily Show's Bush-era glory days.

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