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Move over, Fox News. Jon Stewart has a new target: deep-dish pizza.

The Daily Show host delivered an epic rant against Chicago-style pizza, calling it "tomato soup in a bread bowl. This is an above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats."

"I don't know whether to eat it or throw a coin in it and make a wish," Stewart continued. "And if I made a wish, it would be that I'd wish for some real f---in' pizza."

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In response, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel sent Stewart his version of an olive branch, deep-dish pizzas topped with "dead fish" (aka anchovies).

The gag was a reference to when Emanuel, then the national campaign director for the Democratic Campaign Committee, sent a pollster a rotting dead fish for messing up the poll numbers in 1988.

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Of course, Stewart couldn't let Emanuel get the last word. The Daily Show posted a Vine video demonstrating that even a dog won't stoop to eating deep-dish.