Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

A Gosselin divorce is coming sooner than anticipated.

"We spoke to the law clerk today and we are anticipating the divorce decree will put in today or tomorrow," Kate Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TVGuide.com. "We are just waiting for the decree to be entered."

Jon Gosselin brings roses for Kate to arbitration hearing

Momjian says the arbiter's decision was already been handed down and he "fully anticipates" decree will be entered Thursday or Friday.

Momjian's comments about the impending divorce of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars stand in stark contrast to the timeline presented by Jon Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Jay Heller. Heller told TVGuide.com Wednesday the divorce would not be finalized until at least early 2010. "Jon is optimistically looking forward to the new year," Heller said, "When he can join hand-in-hand with his former wife to pursue an amiable and a cordial and a cooperative effort in the role of mom and dad."

Jon and Kate's divorce will not be finalized until 2010

Kate and Jon are divorcing after 10 years of marriage.

Heller did not immediately return calls and e-mails for comment.