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Jon Gosselin wants his estranged wife Kate to know he apologizes for "openly having relationships in the public eye."

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"That was a huge mistake, because if [Kate] would've done that to me, I would have been extremely pissed off. Not because our relationship is over, it's almost like a stab in the back," Gosselin said at New York City's West Side Jewish Center on Sunday night according to People. "And now that I think about it, it was a very wrong thing to do. I definitely regret it."

Gosselin, 32, who had reportedly broken up with girlfriend Hailey Glassman, 22, said that while the two are not breaking up, they have decided to "just slow things down."

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"I don't want another failure in my relationships. I don't want to make the same mistakes I made with Kate, with Hailey. I would just be repeating the pattern over again," Gosselin said.

News of the couple's status comes on the heels of Glassman's accusation during an interview on The Insider program that Gosselin emotionally abused her with his "manturms."

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Gosselin, who says he was standing right there during Glassman's interview, claims he's proud of her honesty.

"I have to be accountable for my actions. Maybe she used the wrong terminology, but she's 22, that's what she knew. Those are the words and that's how she felt."

Just after midnight on Sunday, Glassman tweeted, "I just want to thank everyone for their support. I was brutally honest and put everything out on the table infront [sic] of the entire world," according to Us.

Gosselin also released a statement to Entertainment Tonight on Sunday in which he explained, "Hailey says she thinks it's a good idea that we both take some time right now and focus on each of our individual lives."

"It is important for me to go back to Pennsylvania and be with my children and get through this divorce and decide what I truly want out of life," the statement read. "I do love [Hailey] and care deeply. She has made me realize I can love myself and just need to be more honest. I am taking things day by day."