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Since Jon & Kate Plus 8 ended five months ago, Kate Gosselin has joined Dancing with the Stars, released a book and lined up new shows to keep the paychecks coming. And what has Jon been doing for a living?

TLC adds a Twist of Kate Gosselin

Don't ask Kate. "Um ... I don't know," she sheepishly said on Thursday's Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Kate Gosselin: I was too tough on Jon

"Does he have a job?" Leno asked."Not that I'm aware of," Gosselin answered.

Jon Gosselin files for primary custody of his children

A rep for Jon Gosselin told TVGuide.com that the father of eight doesn't have any projects coming up and is just "working on getting his life back together and helping raise kids." Last week, Jon Gosselin sued his ex-wife for primary custody, and his attorney, Anthony F. List, accused her of being an "absentee parent." Kate Gosselin, who will perform the foxtrot with partner Tony Dovolani on Dancing with the Stars next week, again defended her decision to do the show as a means of support for her children.

Kate Gosselin answers absentee-mom statement by ex-husband's lawyer

"The truth is, moms work. Single moms work. I travel and work. That's my job, and I'm very fortunate and grateful to have a job," Gosselin said. "When work comes my way, I do it, so I can literally put food on the table and send my kids to school."

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