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Though Jon Gosselin said he feared more drama at a birthday party for his twin daughters Madelyn and Cara, he and estranged wife, Kate, managed to call a truce for the evening.

Jon Gosselin: Kate's "trying to prevent" me from seeing twins on birthday

Gosselin saw both of his daughters Thursday night at the family's Pennsylvania home and did not have to cut the visit short as feared he might have to do, according to People. "

I'm staying until the kids go to bed," he told the magazine during a break in the festivities. "We're trying to be cordial for Mady and Cara."Gosselin arrived with a vanilla cake from New York's Cupcake Café, according to the magazine. The party provided a breather from the ongoing bitter divorce. Wednesday, he accused his estranged wife of trying to change plans for the birthday celebration. He said the revised plans would have only allowed him to spend two hours with the kids.

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The couple also had a war of words earlier this week over a joint banking account. Kate Gosselin accused Jon Gosselin of withdrawing $230,000, while the octo-dad maintained he only removed $22,000. A court hearing over the financial dispute was postponed due to the death of the judge's wife and hasn't been rescheduled, Jon Gosselin's attorney told People.