John Goodman John Goodman

John Goodman will join the cast of Community for a multi-episode arc in Season 3, has learned.

Goodman, who's currently appearing as the villain on Damages, will play Vice Dean Laybourne, the head of Greendale's air conditioning repair school. He will appear in six episodes.

Community taps The Wire's Michael K. Williams to teach biology

Creator Dan Harmon recently told that Goodman's character would be "somewhat of a dark figure on campus." He will be a major foe for

Jim Rash's Dean Pelton.  Goodman's casting follows that of The Wire's Michael K. Williams, who will play the study group's biology professor in at least three episodes.

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The 59-year-old actor is best-known for his role as Dan Conner on Roseanne. He also replaced John Belushi as Dan Aykroyd's partner in the Blues Brothers Band on Saturday Night Live, as well as the Blues Brothers 2000 film. Goodman also starred on the first season of HBO's Treme.

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