John Galliano John Galliano

Fashion designer John Galliano was found guilty in a French court of making anti-Semitic remarks, but avoided jail, CNN reports. 

He was fined $8,145 (6,000 euros), but it was suspended — which means he doesn't have to pay it. He does, however, have to pay $23,200 in court fees for the complainants.

Galliano was fired from Christian Dior in March after a video surfaced showing him inebriated, saying he loves Adolf Hitler and telling two individuals that they "should have been gassed." He later apologized and said he was seeking help.

John Galliano apologizes for remarks; ordered to stand trial in Paris

During the trial, Galliano, 50, testified that he had no memory of the outburst and was seeing treatment for an addiction.

"We must not judge a man who for 30 years has been dedicated to diversity, who has been a loving person for all races, cultures and religions ... based on 40 minutes where he was sick through alcohol and medication," Galliano's lawyer, Aurelien Hamelle, said.