Joey McIntyre and Barrett Joey McIntyre and Barrett

New Kids On the Block singer Joey McIntyre is gearing up for a new kid of his own: a baby boy.

McIntyre's wife, Barrett, is pregnant with their second child, according to People. And this new little guy really took his parents by surprise.

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"My wife actually took the [pregnancy] test but she thought it was negative," says McIntyre, 36. "She came out and gave me this look like: no. Then she showed me the test, and I said, 'It's positive! What the hell?'"

The couple was convinced a baby girl would be joining their 20-month-old son Griffin but were totally thrown upon learning another boy is due come December. They even picked out a girl's name for the baby.

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"We were shocked," says McIntyre, who remains thrilled regardless of the gender. "It's going to be a trip to have a couple of boys around."

So how many kiddies does the couple hope to add to their family?

"I think we have a deal to keep going until we have a girl," McIntyre said laughing. "That's what my wife says."

What do you think the proud parents should name their son?