's producers have quite a sadistic streak. I had guessed that maybe they'd send Rocky's and

Nathan's ex-girlfriends to talk to Anna, but sending her mother to talk to them? Cruel genius. And mom Halina described the result so eloquently: "There is some discomfort in this talking." Ole Rocky's pat "dreamer" answers (garr! Now the very word makes me want to stick pineapples in my ears!) don't work so well on Mama. Especially when she skipped the small talk and asked "Have you ever cheated?" No romantic waterfall can save you now, soap boy. (BTW, what the &!#@ does "With passion comes chance" mean?!?) Of course, mild-mannered Nathan aced this tricky task. Hard to imagine him in the Air Force. After their final dates, however, I really thought Anna would pick the guy who made her heart pound over the one who pleased her mom. Then again, I get the feeling she's made that choice before and has been burned by one too many pretty boys. A qualified victory for the Joes! It's interesting that after all their tricks and twists, the producers let Anna say goodbye to Rocky without Nathan looking on. Rocky tried sooo hard to cry in front of her, but he just couldn't work up those acting skills until he was in the truck which kinda looked to me like some sort of POW-transport vehicle. Choosing the cupcake over the beefcake (Nathan's excellent description, not mine!) means Anna has little to lose. She knows they'll at least have fun together, and if things don't work out, she's not too emotionally invested in the outcome. Still, how awkward would it be to go on a romantic cruise for the third date? Reminds me of those dreams I have where I forget who my husband is.

PS. Are those reality-TV writers still fighting for better contracts? 'Cause this crew definitely earned their keep with the happily-ever-after montage naming Carson and Mike the hottest couple, meanly poking fun at teary Josh A. and giving Rocky the Days of our Lives audition he deserves.