Joley Fisher by Jemal Countess/ Joley Fisher by Jemal Countess/

Joely Fisher knows what she's grateful for this Thanksgiving. After a car crash this past Monday, in which Fisher and her daughter True were hit head-on by a 91-year-old man who fell asleep at the wheel, she thanks her lucky stars that they got away unharmed. At the launch party for the book Altar Your Space at the Tara Home store in Los Angeles, the 'Til Death star showed TV Guide a minor burn on her chin from the bursting airbag. "I'm thankful that it wasn't worse than that," says Fisher. "We were belted in and [True] was in a car seat. It's pretty amazing."

The accident only added to an already difficult week. Fisher and her costars have shut down production on 'Til Death due to the writers' strike, and they don't expect to start up again anytime soon. "I'm in support of the writers, they're absolutely right. I think the unfortunate thing is that the studios and networks were so prepared for this that they're going to have a huge fight on their hands. We could be in a lot of trouble here for a long time. It's a miserable, miserable week." - Reporting by Carita Rizzo