Glee, Barack Obama Glee, Barack Obama

Things went a little over the top this week. A fan got too enthusiastic at the U.S. Open, a congressman got kind of loud, and Melrose Place was Melrose Place. Welcome to Top Moments, wilding-out edition.

9. Wildest Prediction: History's premiere of Nostradamus Effect delves into the reputed seer's predictions of three Antichrists. Followers believe he correctly predicted Napoleon and Hitler as the first two Antichrists, but the show had us rolling our eyes at the theory that Antichrist No. 3 could be George W. Bush or President Obama. Because we all know it's Spencer Pratt.

8. Most Excessive Force: The second-season premiere of Sons of Anarchy ends with a group of masked men brutally raping Gemma. They seem to be part of a white separatist league whose leaders, played by Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins, want to send a message to SAMCRO. The scene is plenty horrifying, but we didn't really need another reason to root against the white separatists.

7. Most-Welcome Corpse: In a shocking (if you live under a rock) development, saucy minx Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton) does a dead-man's float within the first 10 minutes of the premiere episode of Melrose Place, setting up a murder mystery that will reportedly stretch across most of the first season. Don't worry: Syd will stick around via flashbacks.

6. Best Kiss: Teen sensation Melanie Oudin may be the Cinderella story of this year's U.S. Open, but her come-from-behind, Russian-slaying victories didn't surprise us as much as what transpired after Rafael Nadal's fourth-round win over Gael Monfils. As Nadal changed his shirt, a man stormed the court to embrace the six-time Grand Slam champ. The man, who has since been charged with trespassing, also managed to give him a kiss before getting dragged away by security. Nadal didn't seem to mind. "For me, it wasn't a problem," he said at a news conference. "The guy was really nice."

5. Grift that Keeps on Giving Award:
Guest-star Jeri Ryan reveals in the final scene of Leverage's summer-season finale that she isn't a simple, buttoned-up lawyer, but rather a sexy grifter sent to help Nate & Co. in Sophie's absence. The best news: Ryan's character will be back for six more episodes in the winter.

4. Worst Introduction: After booting Ethan from 90210 after last season's finale, the show needed a big way to introduce West Bev newbie Teddy (Trevor Donovan). What the writers came up with was him bumping into Naomi and Silver on the tennis court and offering this goofy line: "I like the way you handle balls." An entire summer off and this the best they could do?

3. Best Choreography: McKinley High's glee club makes a memorable debut on Glee with a suggestive cover of Salt n Pepa's already suggestive "Push It." The number's graphic, instructional choreography successfully draws kids into the club while alienating one member of the faculty. "That was the single most offensive thing I've seen in 20 years of teaching," says cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), "and that includes an elementary-school production of Hair."

2. Best-Timed Outburst: When's the last time a show business announcement blew your mind? Ellen DeGeneres caught us totally off-guard this week with her announcement, on her show, that she'll be the new judge on American Idol. Congratulations to everyone involved on keeping a huge secret genuinely secret.

1. Worst-Timed Outburst: Have you ever been the person at a party caught shouting something embarrassing just as the music cuts out? Joe Wilson feels your pain. The South Carolina congressman got caught up in his emotions and loudly accused President Obama of lying this week — while the president was trying to address both houses of Congress and a live television audience about one of the most important issues of our time. Wilson's outburst elicited hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for his opponent and earned denunciations from Democrats and Republicans alike. Oops.