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Ever pass ridiculously over-the-top mansions and ask yourself how those people became so well-off? Joan Rivers has, and she's about to knock on some very expensive doors to get the answer in her new series How'd You Get So Rich?

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"I always would pass by places in the strangest cities — huge houses, big money, gorgeous cars — and always would say, 'How'd they get so rich?'" Rivers told at the show's launch party. "So I thought: Wouldn't it be fun to do a show where you just go to the door and ask them."

The new 30-minute series follows the always-uncensored Rivers as she meets millionaires and explores their extravagant homes (ala Cribs).

Watch the first episode of How'd You Get So Rich before it premieres

But don't expect boring stories of inherited old-money. The richies featured on this show have worked hard to make their millions, doing everything from selling a line of camouflage makeup to the military to inventing the "BillyBob" hillbilly teeth.  

"It's about the American dream — and [it's] funny," said Rivers. "New money will tell you [their story]. And that's the wonderful ones because they've made it very recently and are happy."

How'd You Get So Rich premieres Wednesday at 10/9 CT on TV Land.

Will you tune in to see Rivers show viewers the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous?