7:39: Ryan Gosling is posing with two unknown women. Mom? Sister? Where's Rachel? Kirsten has shaken up the interview process with the new Joan and Melissa M&M ad (which somewhat scares me) that she wants Joan to sign. Her Chanel apparently has feathers on the bottom, but the camera doesn't feel like showing it to us. She does confirm that her date is her brother. Whoa, we just got a quick glimpse of Kate Winslet's mint-green, one-shoulder frock. I'm not sure what to think about it. She reminds me of a creamsicle or something. 7:40: I'm surprised Joan isn't asking more fashion questions. She completely overlooked Anne Hathaway's odd choice. She does, however, inquire about Celine's sheet. I'm eager to see the dress Celine's chosen for her performance.

7:42: Nicole Kidman is forced to wear her hair to the side because the giant bow on her right shoulder is sitting there like a parrot that won't fly away. But Michelle likes the fact that her and best bud Naomi Watts are walking the carpet together. I agree, how fun!