6:30: "I looove sushi." Um, OK. I'm not even going to comment anymore on that Letters from Iwo Jima bit.

6:31: Michael Sheen from Blood Diamond and The Queen seems to be tired of the three most-asked questions he gets in interviews, but he plays nice with Joan anyhow. Meanwhile, Catherine Denueve is wearing does anyone actually understand her gown? 6:33: David T. Friendly is talking, but all I see is Jennifer Hudson waving excitedly. Her hair looks adorable, but what is that little jacket she's wearing? I'm blinded! Emily Blunt looks amazing in that navy gown, and she definitely knows how to pose. Miranda would be proud. 6:35: Rinko Kikuchi is a red-carpet winner, and it's only been half an hour. I agree with Michelle here in the office - her hair looks stunning and her makeup is perfect, too. 6:36: Maggie Gyllenhaal chose a gorgeous gown - must be nice to have a dress designed for you. "How many pigeons died for that?" Joan really knows how to point out the negative, huh?