6:41: Jennifer Lopez is glowing. I wonder how heavy that neckline is. Back to Joan do we need to stare at her back the entire show? Sabrina asks a better question here in the office: "Is it cold there?" 6:43: Rachel Weisz is glammed out in gold. Speaking of gold, Joan's babbling on with the cast of Water, who are all decked out in gold attire, but I'm more amused by Proops and Melissa ooing and aahhing over J.Lo's goddess gown. Also arriving, Cameron Diaz is wearing her favorite color: white. But we all love the new warm-brunette shade she's chosen for her wispy hair. I bet Justin's drooling somewhere. Too late! 6:45: Lesley Chilcott's dress looks like the ocean - in color and cut. Does anyone else picture waves when they look at her neckline?