7:20: Steve Carell and his wife are up at the mic, but what is going on with her gown? One shoulder's up, the other is down, and it looks messy. Why isn't Joan asking about the fashion choices? Hello! Sacha Baron Cohen is shown in the background, and it looks like Borat is taking a backseat to Sacha's cleaned-up look. 7:23: Alejandro González Iñárritu is taking Joan's hint about the weather and has a scarf tied tightly around his neck. Bizarre. Elsewhere on the carpet, Kirsten Dunst poses with an unknown blonde that we're guessing is her brother. Her gown washes her out a bit, but she still looks simply luminous.

7:25: Jackie Earle Haley is the first to hug Joan, and Anne Hathaway is blowing kisses, but it's as if she never worked at a fashion magazine. Oh wait, she didn't. She should have worn something from The Devil Wears Prada's wardrobe closet instead. Sorry, Anne. Love your work, but that's a "no" on the gown from me.