Loyal followers of Miss Joan "I Talk to God" Girardi are waiting with bated breath, not to mention anxiously clutching their rosary beads.

The reason for their holy terror? CBS won't announce its fall lineup — and the fate of Joan of Arcadia — until May 18. But the producers have already set the stage for a potential third season by introducing a nemesis for Joan who has Satanic tendencies.

In last week's episode, we met Ryan Hunter, a 30-year-old multimillionaire who, just like beleaguered high school student Joan, has conversations with the Almighty in the form of everyday folks.

This week, Hunter (played by devilishly dishy actor Wentworth Miller) taunts Joan by desecrating a church and buying an interest in the newspaper where her brother Kevin (Jason Ritter) works.

"[Hunter] is like a fallen angel," says Joan executive producer Stephen Nathan. "He feels more powerful than God.

"We decided to introduce the idea at the end of this season to show what we will do if — and hopefully when — we come back next fall." For fans of the struggling series, it might be time to start praying.

The season finale of Joan of Arcadia airs this Friday at 8 pm/ET on CBS.