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Jimmy Kimmel Pranked People Into Thinking Kid Rock Won a Senate Race

Let's have a hand for Sen. Gelmer Creekwater, R-MI

Liam Mathews

Politics in America have gotten so ludicrous that it doesn't seem particularly farfetched that Kid Rock, one of America's most slack-jawed rock stars, would be elected to the Senate. For him, the Confederate flag doesn't represent hate, it's a symbol of how proud he is to be stupid. Last year, he joked that he was planning to run for Senate in his home state of Michigan, which maybe you half-remember if you spend a lot of time online.

Jimmy Kimmel was counting on that vague semi-memory when he sent a producer out to the Sunset Strip on Election Day to ask people to give their reactions to Kid Rock winning his Senate race. Or maybe he was just hoping to find some people who don't know anything about anything. And he found them! What this proves, I'm not sure. On the one hand, there are still people in America in 2018 who are so disengaged that they Kid Rock got elected to the Senate. On the other hand, if Kid Rock ran for Senate he'd probably win. He has name recognition and he hates Colin Kaepernick, which is all he really needs to get elected on a Republican ticket.

The fake real namesJimmy Kimmel Live came up with for Kid Rock are pretty funny, though. "Gelmer Creekwater" made me chuckle. For the record, his real name is Bobby Jimmy Ritchie. And shoutout to Jimmy Kimmel Live for sneaking "blumpkin" past ABC's censors. Look that one up on Urban Dictionary if you don't know what it means.