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Taylor Swift has a roster of hot ex-boyfriends and hit records, but there's one thing the singer has yet to achieve: a cameo on Jimmy Fallon'sTonight Show skit "Ew!"

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Being the go-getter that she is, Swift created her own audition tape for the sketch, in which she played a shy, nerdy girl named Natalie. "Our moms were best friends in college together," Swift says through a mouthful of braces. "So I'm really excited because my mom said that we're going to come visit you and your mom and your dad, and, um, I head that you have that television show called "Ew!" and so that maybe I could be on it, was what I was thinking."

Swift is appearing on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, so we're guessing we haven't seen the last of Natalie. Watch her full audition below.